Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkins, Parties, and Pigmy Goats

It has been October madness in the Roberts household. It officially started off when we hit up the annual Orange-E Carnival in Ephrata. That trip ended up with a new family member. Thorn the goldfish. He lasted 9 days. R.I.P. little guy.
Next we carved pumpkins at Ash's parents house with family and friends. Ashley went all out and made a great pumpkin.... where did she get all that patience?
Today, we went to Hayden's harvest party at school. Games, face-painting, and candy.... Hayden was in paradise. Now, only two more days until we hit the trick or treat trail.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Oh... and I've added a great pygmy goat battle Ashley had with Sprout. I thought it was pretty entertaining.

Ashley's PumpkinMy pumpkinHayden's pumpkinThorn and Hayden

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