Sunday, January 10, 2010

lost and FOUND

This evening while Hayden was attempting to crawl into our small cubby space beside our TV he FOUND the missing camera. Of course this comes two days after we purchased our new camera. Isn't that how things always work out? Still we are relieved to have it back and are ready to post our Christmas pictures.
Hayden's Pre-School Christmas Play. A lot of fun songs.... plus he got to keep the hat!

The boys rocked out at Grandma's after they opened this gift.

Payton was full of smiles... she loved getting her tricycle and other gifts.

Ashley and I bought Hayden a crate full of costumes to use when he is playing. He can now be a cook, construction worker, doctor, cowboy, or police officer.

Hayden's gift from Santa Claus!

It took a lot of work.... (3 hours)

but we finally got it put together Christmas morning. It's pretty neat... a marble run that carries the marbles back up to the top... fascinating!

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