Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Adventures of Flat Stanley!

Recently in Hayden's Pre-School class they began reading the book Flat Stanley.
To go along with the book his teacher wanted him to take Flat Stanley on an adventure with him.
So the following pictures are his journey.....

Flat Stanley boarding the plane!
His first stop.... New York City
and the Statue of Liberty
After that it was a quick hop over to China to see the Wall
Followed by a Pirate adventure with his Lego friends
And a stroll in the park in Paris
Somehow he ended up on 3rd base in a Red-Sox game???!!!
Next, he went swimming with killer whales!!
And gave Mickey Mouse a high five in Orlando.
No experience is complete without a quick jump out of a plane.
And wouldn't you know it....? He even made it to the moon!
People were so amazed at his accomplishments that they even put him on Mt. Rushmore!
But eventually things had to slow down and he had to come home to Ephrata, WA.
Back to school to share his adventures with Hayden and Payton.

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