Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bandon Trip - Day 1

Our latest trip to Bandon began with a morning walk on the beach with Hayden and Wrigley!  
The tide was down incredibly low!  So much so that Hayden and I were able to walk out to within 100 ft. of Face Rock!  
Low Tide 
 Wrigley is quite the mountain goat!  
 Next the family drove over to a new destination.  Blacklock Point!  
After a two mile hike in we were greeted by the above panorama view of the ocean.  
On one side in the distance we had Port Orford and the lighthouse... on the other 80 foot sandstone cliffs.  A pretty amazing view.
 Ashley and Hayden climbed down to the bottom and were able to find two buoys on the beach!  
 Hiking the trail back to the car!  
 We finished up the day with ice cream at the new creamery in town.  
 And took one more walk on the beach to check out the circle of treasures on our family's favorite rock.  
A great day!

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