Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bandon Trip - Day 2

Day two in Bandon started out wet... really wet!  Nevertheless we all headed back out to Blacklock point to hike the beach and check out the cliffs from a closer perspective.  To our surprise when we got out of the car the rain stopped altogether.  While it was still cloudy it was perfect conditions for a great hike!  
Hayden at the base of one of the cliffs.   
 The beginning of the hike is located at an interesting geographical feature.  
Flora's lake is on the right and is fresh water.... a few hundred feet away is the Pacific Ocean.  Split only by one sand dune from each other!
 Wizards of the Waves
 Payton loved taking the leash and walking Wrigley.  
The waves were crashing hard at this location!  

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