Thursday, July 18, 2013


For the past two months I have been training for a climb on Mt. Rainier.  This past weekend was the summit attempt and fortunately we had great weather and conditions.  The first day began with a hike up from Paradise Lodge to Camp Muir at about 10,000 ft.  
The view from Paradise Lodge of the mountain
Brian and I posing for a picture at the first rest point heading up to camp Muir
On the Muir snow field
Camp Muir.  You can spot the bunk house we slept in the first night on the center left of the photo.  
The view looking out from Camp Muir - You could see Mt. Adams (to the left), Mt. Hood (Center-left), and Mt. St. Helens (to the right) all very clearly from this point.
On the second day we hiked up to Ingraham Glacier for high camp.  This night was spent in a tent perched below the glacier and just above a rather large crevasse while we waited for a 12:30 AM summit departure.  
We were able to view the trail we would be taking the next day up the Disappointment Cleaver.  
A view down one of the crevasse's we had to pass over
Home for the second night.  
Getting ready to leave for the summit
We hit the top of the mountain just as the sun was rising up for the morning (4:20 AM)
We were the first and only group up there during that time.  
We hiked across the crater and up to Columbia Crest.  The true summit at 14,411 ft. above sea level
The feeling of accomplishment when you take the last step up it truly hard to explain...
A mixture of excitement, wonder, and a little relief that you made it!  
 After about an hour at the summit we hiked back down to camp, packed up, and finished our journey back down to Paradise.  
An unforgettable experience!

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