Friday, July 5, 2013

A George, Washington 4th of July

This year the kids and I welcomed Independence Day in the town of George, Washington.  We participated in a fun run, saw the world's largest cherry pie, and even saw George himself in the town's parade. 
 The fun run was 2 miles and we had a lot of success with my two little runners!

Hayden took first place in his age group!  (And by running with him I managed 2nd place in my age group as well) 
Victory Snow Cones!
The town had a great little parade roll through.... and the kids favorite part... lots of candy was thrown!
 We finished the day by camping at the lake house and enjoying some time on the water!  
When the sun disappeared it was time for Grandpa to put on the fireworks show!  
By the end of the day everyone in the family was completely exhausted! 
Overall a great celebration!  

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