Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From Sturgis to Rushmore and Back Again!

To celebrate our 9th anniversary and Staci's 30th birthday we packed up our Harley's and hit the road to South Dakota.  
The journey began with a 14 car ride from home to Gillete, Wyoming!  
A long haul.... but what's 900 miles when your with good friends and your loving wife.   
Our first stop on our bikes the next day was at Devils Tower.  
A great sight to start the adventure 
 From the tower it was a short drive to "Legendary Sturgis" to take in the 73rd Black Hills motorcycle rally.  
 The place was packed with people from all walks of life.  
Bikes were everywhere!  
 We tried our best to fit in with the rest of the crowd!  
 An overview of the main drag!  
In the early afternoon we made a stop at the Full Throttle Saloon.  
The "world's largest" biker bar
Seriously cool....
But it did feel a little bit like it we were in a Mad Max movie
Zip lines, burn out competitions, even some guy carrying a duck around.... 
 From the saloon we headed up the road to the Buffalo Chip campground
This place is basically its own city during the rally.
On day 2 our journey took us through the Black Hills to the city of Deadwood, South Dakota
Famous as the location where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down.   
 A look down main street.  Lots of interesting backstories for this little mining town.
 The second night finished with a group photo at a wild horse reserve just outside of Hot Springs, South Dakota.  
 The third day we encountered quite a bit of wildlife in Custer State park.  
Bison were right along side the road!
 As well as several curious Antelope.
 The main destination for the day was Mt. Rushmore.  
We took the "Iron Road" to get to the park; which included several one lane rock tunnels that perfectly framed the presidents.  One of my favorite parts of the whole trip.  
 Arriving at Rushmore
 Room for one more?  
Unfortunately after having beautiful weather the entire trip, mother nature finally caught up to us.  While leaving Rushmore it began to rain.... which as we were driving away turned to hail.  Not normal Central Washington hail..... oh no.  South Dakota, golf balls are falling from the sky, hail.  Or was it lightning???? All we know for sure is that we needed to take cover under the trees and wait it out.  
Following that episode we packed up headed back to Gillete and the next day made the long trip back home!  Another amazing adventure and set of memories that will not soon be forgotten.  
Thank you to Brian and Staci for the good times and looking forward to the next challenge to come our way.  

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