Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pingetzer Cabin Party

To continue the celebration of Ashley's 30th birthday and to formally break in the Pingetzer cabin the entire family came together for the weekend.
A lot of hard work was put in over the weekend (especially Shane and Amber who worked their tales off!) to bring life to the new property.  Slowly but surely it is feeling like a "home away from home"!
We also had the first opportunity to bring the horses up and explore a few of the mountain trails!  And of course no cabin trip would be complete without a marshmallow fight!
 The kids "fort" up above the cabin

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  1. Awesome pictures!!! LOVE the pictures of the kids in the fence and the one of grandpa and grandma with grandkids for sure should be blown up for the cabin! GREAT PICTURES!!!! and yes the cabin is amazing hope we get the chance to go back.