Friday, May 23, 2014


It seems that life always has surprises in store for you when you least expect it.  After watching helplessly as both my wife and mother battled with cancer little did I know that I would soon face my own challenge.  A late night discovery of a lump led to a quick consultation at Virginia Mason in Seattle where I was diagnosed with TC (testicular cancer).  Just two days later I went in for surgery!

This is the photo that Ashley took immediately after I woke up from the Anesthesia.  

In total the entire process came and went in less than 7 days!  In many ways this was a good thing as I had less time to sit around and think about it.  Thankfully I was blessed to have discovered the cancer early enough that additional radiation and chemotherapy was deemed unnecessary at this time.  While I will continue to be watched over time the doctors expect a full recovery in about six weeks!

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