Tuesday, September 2, 2014


To celebrate our 10 year anniversary Ashley and I loaded up the horses for the long haul to Bandon, OR.  Riding our own horses on the beach is something that we have wanted to accomplish for a long time.  We were apprehensive about the logistics of the 9 hour ride, but everything worked out great.  
We were able to find a spot to board the horses just outside of town and we were setup for three amazing days of riding.  The first day we unloaded just South of town and headed out into blue skies, sunshine, and ocean surf.  Surprisingly the horses did great, showing only a little bit of fear at the giant waves rolling in.  The feeling of putting the horses into a gallop on the beach was an amazing sensation.... it was a moment where you couldn't help but smile.  We were also able to find numerous buoys on that first day and even a few sand dollars.  

On day two we rode the horses on the main beach at Bandon.  The weather turned a little from the previous day and we faced wind and gray skies.  Still we were riding freaking horses on the beach.... so we weren't complaining.  It was fun to ride by the spot I proposed to Ashley 10 years later on horses.  

On the third day we rode the horses to the Coquille lighthouse north of Bandon.  We got quite a few stares as we rode our horses right up to the doorstep.  By the end of this day we definitely had some sore horses (that sand is deep) and some sore bottoms, but we had memories that would last forever... or until we do it all again!  
The sunset on the first night 
Happy trails

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