Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The (2nd) Great Pumpkin!

Humility is a unique human characteristic.  It often makes appearances at the most unique times that keep you grounded and teach you a valuable lesson.  It just so happens that I was dealt a large helping of that humble pie on the annual Roberts family weigh in.
The last few years our family has participated in the pumpkin contest we have had lots of success.  And once again this year we had a nice looking crop of monster pumpkins (with several weighing in right around 200 pounds!).  Of course I was feeling pretty confident about our odds once again... I may have even let a few other people know they were competing for second place...... :)
Unfortunately on the big day as we drove over to the neighbors for the weigh-in we turned the corner and saw this MONSTER in the back of the pick-up.
The real great Pumpkin!
It was so large we didn't even bother taking it out of the pickup to weigh it.  It easily outdistanced our big pumpkin and was crowned the top pumpkin.  All my big talk it seems was misplaced as we came in second..... respectable... but not near where my boasting had been.  
Regardless to say it was a good lesson to learn and still a lot of fun!  
We are already thinking about ways to improve for next year!  
 This year's crop
 Payton showing off the pumpkins with Grandma
 Finding a good seat!
 The weigh in!

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