Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Disney world Trip - Day One

After a lot of build up and a lot of waiting our trip to Disneyworld finally arrived.  
A "short" red eye flight from Seattle to Orlando and we were all set for seven days of sightseeing and memories!  
The trip began at the Magic Kingdom....
We were a little wiped out from the travel, but we hit the ground running.  
Literally!  Thanks to some advanced breakfast reservations we were able to enter the park before it even opened to regular guests.  This allowed for some great photos where there was close to no one in the park (A real rarity it turns out!)
First of many family photo ops!
Thanks to the early morning entrance we were able to knock out one of Payton's wishes right away.  We got to meet Anna and Elsa... and the best part.... absolutely no lines!  A great start!
 Fun side note... we made a stop at the Sword in the Stone..... 
Hayden tried to pull with all his might, but could not lift the sword!
 Payton however.... was able to pull it right out!  Disney magic.... Hayden didn't quite agree
 A stop at Gaston's fountain... 
 Eventually that morning we met up with the cousins and the fun really got going.  
 Refueling for the rides
 First time down Splash Mountain!  I think that is genuine fear on a couple of the kids' faces.  
They got a little braver the next time around.  
We headed out of the park early that day to save up energy for the rest of the trip.
 And to go swimming of course!  

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