Friday, January 27, 2017

That Winter of 2016-2017

Once in awhile a winter comes along that leaves lasting memories.  This year was a prime example.  The extreme cold combined with heavy amounts of snowfall and drifting left a winter landscape that will be recalled years down the road.  While the pictures help get an understanding they don't truly grasp what an overwhelming winter this has been.  15!  Count em' 15 snow days off of school in addition to numerous late starts and early releases.  The winter of 2016/2017.... one for the record books! 
  The horse pen.... if you look closely you will see the feeder is completely buried under a drift! A little more snow and Samson will be walking on out! 

The road froze over after numerous trips back and forth by the scraper tractor.  The positive side.... new skating surface right outside our door! 
 The ice sheen on the snow was beautfiul

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